Where we live affects how we live out what we believe. We see the specific dynamics of Corvallis as uniquely enriching to our understanding of what it looks like to image Jesus effectively. We seek to embed our communities in the culture of the city in order to meet Corvallis with the person of Jesus. 

  • WHERE WE LIVE: COrvallis, ORegon

    • Home of Oregon State University
    • "One of the the 10 best cities to live in" - Parade Magazine
    • "One of the 13 best towns to be a vegetarian" - Vegan Magazine
    • "9th most bicycle-friendly city in the nation" - Bike USA
    • "5th smartest city in America" - Forbes
    • "7th best college town in America" - USA Today
    • "2nd in the nation for the number of scientists as a percentage of total employment (12.7 percent)" - N.S.F.
    • "4th in nation for the highest number of patents issued by city" - USA Today
    • "Lowest church attendance per capita of any county in the nation" - Gazette Times
    • "The least religious county per capita in the United States." - Gazette Times

    We love it here and want to help make Corvallis a great place to live, work, go to school, raise a family and live life to the fullest. We are committed to loving our neighbors, serving those in need, caring for the environment, creating great music and art, and celebrating the image of God in all people, everywhere.