Who we are

Vision & Mission

Introducing a city to a Person... 

By making and sending disciples of Jesus who embody the gospel... 

For the glory of God and the joy of our city.


The gospel is the good and true news that in Jesus, God has broken into human history, lived the life we were supposed to live, died the death we were supposed to die and victoriously rose from the dead, launching a cosmic revolution to make all things new - including us! When we hear and believe this news, repenting of our sin and trusting in the person and work of Jesus, God’s restorative power comes upon us and we are given new and eternal life, forgiven of our sins, adopted into his family and empowered by his Holy Spirit to join Him in the restoration of all things. 


Disciples are “gospelled” people who are committed to learning from Jesus to embody the gospel in their every day lives.  


Communion: Loving God as worshippers of Jesus

Community: Sharing life as the family of God

Compassion: Caring for the world as servants of all