Doxology is a community of individuals united by one central aim; to introduce the City of Corvallis to the person of Jesus. As we gather together we enjoy sharing our passions and interests and have begun to see some consistent contours to our local church that have uniquely positioned us to serve the City of Corvallis. We strive to demonstrate the person of Jesus and His kingdom values through our lives individually and collectively. We have come to identify our lives as windows through which friends, family members, and neighbors look and to see the person of Jesus. 

Similarly, our community has looked into the City and found some areas of overlap, spaces where the values and needs of the city overlap with the values and strengths of the Kingdom of Jesus. We have identified three focal areas for our community to work together in bringing Kingdom values, for the good of our City, and the glory of God. 


We strive to be a collection of authentic believers who value wrestling with truth by championing the pursuit of learning. We want to create safe places for individuals to seek truth in community. 

We believe that Jesus was full of Grace and Truth. Therefore, we seek to provide spaces for people to interact with truth in safety. 

Gospel + Time + Safety = Kingdom


We strive to be a collection of believers who love our City. We show our love by engaging and supporting the local creative culture, whether that be local artists, musicians, or artisans. Culture is hugely important to us because we believe that true community is both birthed from shared cultural experiences and true community creates culture. We desire to know the unique cultural voice of our City and have the City know our voice. 

Gospel + Creative expression + Conversation = Kingdom


We strive to be a collection of believers who are listening for the untold, miss-told or under-told stories of need in our City. We seek to give a voice to the voiceless and raise awareness for injustices in our City. Doxology desires to be socially aware and engaged in speaking the unspoken and supporting needs that we are equipped to meet. 

Gospel + Shared Suffering = Kingdom

  • Church planting

    It has been our vision since day one to become a church that plants more churches. We are so excited to see the Kingdom of Jesus growing through our first church plant. 

    On October 5, 2014, Doxology sent out our Associate Pastor, Nathan Riley, to plant a new church in Albany, Oregon. Nathan is an Albany native and believes that God has called him to form a new church to help proclaim and practice the gospel of Jesus among the people of his hometown.

    Check out Hub City Church.

    If you want to support this ministry please email info@doxcorvallis.org.

  • Global

    The heart of God is that all the earth would be filled with His glory and that all would come to know the hope found in His Son, Jesus. We therefore seek to see the kingdom continue to grow globally through the spread of the gospel message and the values of the kingdom established through works of justice. We seek to partner with organizations who are seeking these ends. Listed below are a few of the organizations that we partner with toward this end. Let us know if you want to partner with us through financial support or volunteering your help. 

    Corvallis' Sister City: Gondar, Ethiopia

    Compassion First